commuting on Pioneer Ave

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I don’t know, I’ve been doing W. Liberty daily for the past 6 months and its kind of grown on me. Its wide enough to get 2 lanes and a parked car with 2 wheels on the blacktop but over most of it, but without the official 4 lane painting, I can pretty much maintain riding the left of all the sewer grates and only get challenged for the space when things bunch up around red lights. If they painted a dotted line down the center I think there would be more curb huggers. I love people riding down the center of the lane, makes life easier for me.

Sharrows might be nice to have for the “look I’m allowed to be here factor”, but with no parking allowed on the busy side of the street only during rush hour they may look like they are too either far to the left or just get parked on depending on the time of day and where they are painted.

It would be awesome if the busway bridge over 51 were opened up for ped/bike access even just for the hop from W Liberty/51 intersection to the 51/Warrington intersection. I bet I can spend a solid 5-10 minutes outbound if I have to wait the full duration at both lights. And inbound, a bike doesn’t weigh enough to activate the left turn arrow before the tubes so you have to either wait for a car to pull up to make the left or wait for a gap in the outbound tube traffic and go against the light. The weight thing may apply to the Warrington/51 light too, but I’ve never not had a car in that lane when I was there. If anyone has any tricks for getting through that Warrington/51/W Liberty double intersection faster, I’d love to hear it.

The real easy stuff would be to occasionally run a street sweeper over the first mile going south bound. I think there are trees sprouting out of one of the sewer grates where the constant runoff comes down the hill and into the road. They could scrape the extra concrete 1 block before the light before the Eat’n’Park too. That may officailly be Dormont though.

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