Crash at Wilkins & Murray, Squirrel Hill!

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Hello all,

This last July, I was cycling home from work at around 9:30pm and, as I was making a left turn, was hit by a Port Authority bus! Having never been in an accident involving a moving, habitated object before I was kinda stunned. Like an idiot, I didn’t take down the details of the kind cyclist who stopped and gave me a pen and paper to get the driver’s details…

I realise this is all very much a long shot this far down the line, but if you saw the whole incident go down, please send a note! My medical bills are extortionate and Port Authority, naturally, deny all responsibility (because the bus driver’s a spineless puddle of shit). They confirmed for me the next day that the bus had cameras – does anyone know what the law dictates as far as them being required to hang onto the tape? If the camera shows even a fraction of the road outside the bus it will contradict the bus driver’s story (I got a copy of the Police Report)… but I guess they will have checked the tape before denying responsibility, right?

Anyone with any inside info concerning Port Authority’s procedures as far as this goes could be of utmost help!

Many thanks for your time :)



Hey, I am really sorry to hear this. I just posted my own crash story above… also looking for some help. Don’t feel bad about not getting the guy’s information. You had been hit and in shock, so it was hard to process what was happening and get information properly.

If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know. Maybe we can contact some newspapers to get some public help? I think its worth the try.



cm1: Check out this thread from june:

it’s about a cyclist/poster who was hit by a bus on forbes and murray. the bus had a camera and they used it and it proved that the driver was at fault, and was subsequently cited.

this happened during a string of about 5 serious crashes involving PAT in like a week (only one was a bike) so they were probably making some examples

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