Crosswalks at Bates and Blvd. of Allies are death traps

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I’ve seen it for numerous times when the lights on Bates turning green, the traffic from Allies turning right on to Bates heading toward I-376 just keep going without slowing down, because there’s no “no turn on red” sign. I always wait for the oncoming traffic from Bates to kind of cut off these right-turning traffic, before attempting getting across the street. But I always get a feeling that an unsuspecting cyclist is going to get hurt some time.
Unfortunately, it has beome true. My Dutch girl got hit by a white pick-up truck about 7 pm on Mar 13th. This guy went out of his truck and said he would be responsible for this after he parked his trunk nearby. But then he just drove away without being seen. It’s unfortunate that’s all she could remember becaues she was in so much pain,and there’s no passer-by stopped to give her help.
It’s a shame she only has about 2 months before graduation and going back to Netherlands, and her impression of bike commuting in US is going to be really bad. If anyone has any information on this accident, please let me know. Thanks a billion.

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