Crush the Commonwealth: Just the Brass Tacks

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I can drive 2 people along with myself to Philly. My girlfriend volunteered to drive my Cherokee back to Pittsburgh. I have 2 spaces on the bike rack and enough room for gear.

I am estimating the gas and tolls combined to be around $100 or so. If people would chip in $30 each that would be great. I also don’t have a place to kick it close enough to Philly that I don’t have to get up at 3am to make it on time.

I need to know real soon so I can get new brake pads and rotors for the Jeep so my girlfriend doesn’t have to deal with the warped rotors chattering all the way back to Pittsburgh.

The U Haul idea sounds tight… And in a pinch also serves as a place to stay LOL (reminds me of stashing couches in the back to go to concerts when we were in college).

Also, I took the greyhound from Philly last year and it took 7hrs (most of which I slept). It was around $50-$60 with the cost of a bike box from them and the ticket.

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