Cycling with Children

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Now that the weather is clearing, let’s hear it from parents who bicycle with their children!

I have two children, Mev and Mason, both 10 years old. They are at a great age for cycling, and can basically keep up on most rides. Mev did 16 miles this winter on the icycle bicycle ride (Jan. 1) and 17 miles on our tandem one nice day in December.

But, I remember when they were first learning, and how that changed my riding habits. Trailers, bike seats, and trail-a-gators, oh my! Now, we are looking forward to things just getting faster and longer.

Of course, Sheldon Brown has a bit to say about this topic.

Hopefully in 2007 I’ll see lots of you other parents with your own caravans of little cyclists at Critical Masses, BikeFest, and on the streets!

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