Cyclist hit during Critical Mass this Friday

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The rides need to be tighter, more organized and less contentious. Spreading riders across three lanes of traffic on a busy thoroughfare in Oakland and inviting drivers to try and shoot the gaps is real fuckin dangerous. We can make room for traffic while promoting visibility to cycling and not looking like total assholes to motorists and the police.

agreed, but the problem is that because of the “no leaders” principles of cm, no one with these ideas are ever willing to stay in the front and more or less “direct it.” or they just feel that “someone else will do it.” so in turn,it gets led by jags who want to go fast and ride as if they are alone and not leading two hundred other riders.

everyone has the same criticisms, but no one ever acts on them and gets to the front to help keep it together.

yeah, “CM is often the best I feel on a bike in the city…”, especially when you don’t have to help lead it. but i also think that it should be a shared responsibility to help keep the thing together and un-contentious. it may give you a bit more stress in the ride, but it’s a small step to take to keep this thing called critical mass going. if you have a vision, act on it.

do you guys realize that it’s been in pittsburgh for over 10 years?
sure some of the early ones were 10 people, but still, not bad for an organized coincidence in a town that at one point people thought nobody rides in.

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