Cyclist hit during Critical Mass this Friday

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I would suggest that responsibility isn’t just getting to the front of the ride and directing it, figuring out which event we’re going to end up at, and making announcements. It’s also corking intersections, answering drivers who ask “what are you riding for?”, being respectful in general of the other bikers in the group, and paying attention to the surroundings. “Helping keep it together” may also include bringing up the rear and putting your body in front of revving engines and insults to insure that the slower riders have an opportunity to catch up while the ride steams ahead unaware. I think that insinuating that “everybody” thinks “this” but “nobody” does “this” is going overboard – CM is largely not out of hand from what I’ve seen, nor is it consistently dominated by yahoos out for an endurance ride. Sometimes it works wonderfully, sometimes it doesn’t go so well, the later quite often being the result of adrenaline fueled motorists. But hey, I also don’t count CM as a point of anxiety about commuting in the city, and maybe that’s a mistake.

I’ve heard mention of making handouts for next month, as well as some talk of making additions to the CM website (!) regarding intended conduct, etc, which I would be interested in helping with, for what it’s worth.

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