Cyclist hit during Critical Mass this Friday

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I am afraid to be the bearer of bad news, but I rode the Critical Mass in Buffalo NY last Friday, and similarly a woman there was hit while riding also. Unfortunately, she did however suffer some lasting injuries. A little bit of a different situation than the one in pgh, but still a tragedy. We’ve sort of cached out this issue a lot on the board, but I think I’ll never get it how someone could make so violent of choices that create life or death situations all because they are slightly inconvenienced.

There are a ton of positions/arguments about what CM is supposed to be about. Obviously everyone has different reasons for being there, and their reasons oscillate from the moderate to the extreme. For some it’s a celebration, for others it’s a protest…a lot of riders fall somewhere in between.

I’ve heard it said that the fact of the matter is that CM is inherently disruptive. I think that’s it is hard to deny. That is, there seems to be this unwritten rule somewhere in society that motorists are themselves and only themselves entitled to use roads to get where they want to go as fast as possible without interruption. So of course, when CM slows down this pace for 90 minutes every month, it does indeed agitate that precious maxim. Most people who ride CM (myself included) would say that indeed this mentality does need to be disturbed! So, it just comes down to a question of degree: how disruptive do we want CM to be? Clearly, the protection and safety of its members should be one of our top priorities. In addition, we don’t want it so disruptive that it blinds others to the entire ride’s message – for instance, it’s hard to scream “share the road” if CM does not share the road in places with 3 lanes.

Erok, you’re totally right to point out that what we say here, no one ever works during the ride to implement – and likewise – I’m sure everything I just said was said in a thousand other forums more succinctly. But hopefully the website idea/getting the word out might lead to a little more organization/safety consciousness during next month’s ride.

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