Cyclist intentionally struck on SIDEWALK – Baum & Liberty(?)

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Well written.

I think the news would have covered this if the car chaced down another motorist and collided with them him/her intentionally. The nes of the pedestioans hit in East Liberty (I might have the location wrong) made the news. For whatever reason events concerning bikes are largely ignored.

I would bet that everyone riding in the city for more than a year has at least one story of a car being used as a weapon against them, either a direct attempt to harm, or to intimidate.

Is there a subconscious bias against adults riding bicycles as transportation? Could that explain the disinterest of the news media and the police/DA? The motorcyclist who was killed yesterday when he hit an SUV made the papers and the nightly TV news, and from the looks of it that was an accident, not an assualt.

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