Cyclist intentionally struck on SIDEWALK – Baum & Liberty(?)

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Since the Millvale Bridge has been closed, I’ve been riding that stretch of Baum between Liberty and Morewood. Without a doubt, it the most nerve-racking part of my commute – especially among the hyper-aggressive afternoon drivers. Making a signaled left routinely leads to blaring horns, brush-by’s and sundry invectives. One incident involved a massive silver pickup pulling up to my rear wheel, laying on the horn, and screaming at me continuously until I was able to turn. After I made the turn, I gave him an appreciative wave. It took me a little while to stop shaking. He sounded as if he truly wanted to kill me.

Shaun’s account of Elijah’s attack reads like the logical progression of all the smaller acts of road rage many of us experience. It’s really disheartening. A couple of months ago there was a great thread on this web page dealing with the dehumanizing effects of car commuting with respect to bad behavior towards bicylist. The title is “Road Rage Escalation.” It’s worth a look.

Regarding the security camera issue, there are several businesses along Baum that should have them. Foremost among them is UPMC Shadyside whose labs occupy over a block of that stretch. I’ll call the campus police tomorrow and see if there is any chance they had a camera that would have caught the bike and the sedan together before the attack. Were they headed towards East Liberty or towards Oakland?

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