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Ruth Ann Dailey’s column today tries to somewhat defend cylists.

The problem with it is that in someways, the accident she describes her husband getting in was partly his fault. As she described it, he was riding in the “door Zone”, which the PA Bike Driver’s Manual says is a no-no. (I say partly, because clearly the driver needed to look back also. BTW, the Bike Driver’s Manual doesn’t seem to be available anymore on the PennDot website)

Anyway, it’s something positive in the P-G, although by personalizing it I think the message gets diluted.

More than anything else, if we can educate drivers on why we ride the way we ride, that will go a long way. The “door zone” is a good example. If drivers would realize that we are riding “in the middle of the road” to prevent accidents, either from evasive manuevers or from getting flung into the street thereby making it safer for all, we’d get a lot more leeway.

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