Dirty Dozen. Who is going?

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What the hell, I’m doing it. I know I can do every hill with platform pedals and at least 15 pounds of extra stuff on me (lock, bookbag, huge shoes, etc) now…no reason not to try the real thing.

I know I’ll probably be the last one to make it up the hills on my bike, but as long as I get up there before the people pushing their bikes, I’ll have time to recover!

My real fear is the ride BETWEEN the hills. I know that people say it’s leisurely or whatever, but what is leisurely for these guys might destroy me after a few huge hills. We’ll see. I did the first 7 in about 2 hrs, 10 min, so hopefully I’ll be okay.

P.S. Beware! When people say Berryhill is “short,” I was expecting it to be like Canton or something, so I powered all the way up as hard as I could, only to find another 1/4-mile patch of continuous (though maybe just like 3-4% grade) uphill after that.

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