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I’m bailing on telecommuting to the west coast and looking for local jobs. High on my list is “can I bike there?” as driving the TerrainFucker 4×4 is too hard on the environment and my wallet.

For some areas I’m good at finding routes as I ride there often (CMU/Oakland) but other areas I’m clueless even in a car with my a map (Strip, South Side, North Side).

Other than digging through Strava, BikePGH printed maps, and online maps, is there a good tool for “find me a popular path from Regent Square to XYZ”? Google maps picks some routes I don’t like due to the history of crime and drunk drivers and doesn’t pick ones that I’d pick based on having ridden those roads. OTOH, lots of annotations for bike lanes so I can pick better.




” is there a good tool for “find me a popular path from Regent Square to XYZ”

This board.

Anonymous #

BikeThere. It’s an iPhone app that uses google maps’ metadata on their “bike directions” the routes take user changes and road traffic (generally not live) into consideration. I don’t rely on it but it has shown me a few alternate, less trafficked routes.


I second the use of this board. You get the interchange of lots of real people who’ve tried it, know the various Plans B and C (and E and…), what to look out for, places to lock up, amenities en route (water fountains, rest rooms, places to duck into in case of downpour), bus routes that can get you partway.

Apps may give you a leg up, but there is nothing like human experience.

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