FLUX in Braddock – Cyclist Convergence at my house?

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Bike Parkin gin Braddock
Hey any flux cyclists–
originally we were hoping to have Bike PGH help us out with a Bike Valet, but it was too short a notice for this event.. However look for Bike Valet at future FLUXes in June and October!
in the meantime, I have talked to some Braddock folks, and while I bet Mac has a handle on where to park bikes I have some input: there will be people around all night at the parking lot behind the church.. there is a chain link fense there and while that is not an ideal place to lock a bike, there are poles and people around to deter bolt cutters.
there are parking meters in another lot on braddock and along braddock avenue.
there is a wrought iron fence by the library on library street.
Alas, there are few if any bike racks. In the future, we FLUXers hope to fix this problem, but for now, I hope this helps you out.
any other questions you can email me at caitlinena@gmail.com

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