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Now that the forums are back, I thought I’d post this bit of fun.


A few weeks ago I went riding on the Great Allegheny Passage at Connellsville and on the Sheepskin Trail. As I came around the turn off of the Sheepskin Trail and onto the Bowest Bridge, I took the turn a little wide and started to skid on the gravelly/sandy surface. I turned the wheel to keep from sideswiping the bridge railing, turned too far and the tire dug in sideways. The wheel folded up like a taco and stopped dead, allowing inertia to send me flying over the handlebars. When I stopped I was on my back with my feet straight up in the air against the railing, as if the world was turned on its side.

Riders from That Dam Ride were coming across the bridge and must have witnessed a spectacular crash. They asked if I was OK and, surprisingly, I was. I had bruised my shoulder and abraded my knee but was otherwise unharmed. My bike, however, was completely unridable. It would be a long, 2 mile walk back to Connellsville. Thankfully, other than the front wheel, the bike was undamaged so I could stand the bike on end and roll it.

For the entire walk back after totaling my bike, scores of riders from That Dam Ride passed and every single one of them was compelled to comment. Those comments came in three flavors: 1) Are you OK? 2) Do you need help? and 3) That sucks.

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