Free Ride Silly bike party Saturday, 4/5

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This Saturday after Open Shop we’re having a party!

Let’s play with small and silly bikes! There will be riding of awkward
things in the shop and racing in the street. We’ll have some snacks (you
can bring some to share, too, if you like) and plenty of excitement!

Come break the “no riding in the shop” rule on April 5th 7pm on! Come play
with some of the kid’s bikes we have in the shop and a few silly things we’re building. Have something weird of your own? Bring it! Come hang out with other free ride volunteers and have fun in the shop.

We did this last February and it was a lot of fun and we and promised to try it again when it got warmer. Warm came and went and hopefully is coming again.

Saturday April 5, starting 7pm
at Free Ride
214 N. Lexington (at the corner of Thomas Blvd)


I went to the last one, and it was quite fun. Many crazy/dangerous bikes to be ridden!

helen s

I am sure there was what we used to call the “kangaroocycle” with the pedals next to each other.

Any pictures?

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