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Last year I started telling people about Free Ride and the Police’s Christmas drive, and instead of people taking their bikes there directly, I ended up being the neighborhood contact for bike recycling, and they brought the bikes to me. Last year I ended up with about 8 or 10 bikes that went to the Christmas drive. They were mostly kids bikes, and I doubt I’m going to get up to the 15 or whatever Free Ride’s pickup limit is, but people are starting to ask me if I want their old bikes as they get new ones for their kids for summer.

I’ve only got a Honda Civic so I can’t carry more than 2 bikes at a time and I don’t get over to the East End much anyway, so I was wondering if there was someone out there with a van or pickup who goes between Mt. Lebanon and Point Breeze and would be willing to make occasional pickups from my house.

Or is there some similar drop point in the South Hills? I vaguely remember reading something about some retired guy in Castle Shannon who fixed up and gave away kids bikes in his apartment at Christmas time. I had meant to save that…

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