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brian j


The Paselas and Vittorias are spoken for.

So are the 26″ slicks.


I noticed this evening that I have quite a collection of not-exactly-ready-to-be-retired tires in my basement. None of them are worn enough to throw away, but I’ve stocking my reserves through some other trades, so it’s time to unload some inventory. Anything listed below is free-as-in-beer:

Pair Panaracer Paselas (700c 28mm): Tread is still pretty good. They have about 2500 miles on them. One tires has some sidewall damage (damn bottle generator!), but I just took them off my commuter, so they work fine.

Pair Vittoria Randonneur Cross (700c 28mm): Burly tires. One is fairly well worn, but again, still serviceable. These just came off my go-fast bike. I don’t believe I ever flatted with these.

Pair generic 26″ slicks (32x559mm): Barely used. Very narrow.

Pair IRC Piranha Pro MTB Tires (26″x2″): These came on my old Cannondale. I never used them, and they look almost new.

If you’re interested in any/all of them (even one of a pair), email me. bjanaszek, gmail, yada, yada, yada.

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