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Hello all,

I have a spare U-lock that I’d like to sell. I bought it when I bought my bike and only used it a couple of times before I realized that 1. parking my shiny new commuter in Oakland all day long made me nervous enough that I wanted a more intense lock 2. this lock is really too big considering the size of my frame and the racks I’m normally locking it to.

There’s nothing wrong with this lock; I’m just paranoid. It is not an ultra-high-security lock like the Kryptonite lock I ended up with, but it’s probably plenty for Pittsburgh if you’re not locking up a really fancy bike in a really high-risk area. It would be great to use with a beater or other less-expensive bike, or a great upgrade for anyone currently using just a cable lock.

It came with a cable for securing the front wheel. I’m asking $25 with the cable, $20 without. It was at least $35, maybe $40 when I bought it. That was only a couple of months ago, and I literally used it no more than two or three times.

Edited to add: it also comes with the mounting bracket (never used), all the keys (obviously), and the original box and instructions.

It’s also posted on craigslist (with a photo): http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/bik/2616108327.html

I’m asking less here since I’d rather sell it in a context where I’m less likely to have to interact with a creeper =)

I have never really used the PM system on this board, so it’s better if you just reply to this post, email me by way of the craigslist post (but tell me you saw it here), or text *eight six five/six six zero/nine seven two zero*. (I mean, you can also call if you really want to, but I’m the absolute worst about answering my phone, hah.)

Thanks! I hate to spam this board with something dumb like this, but I’d rather sell this here than on craigslist if I can help it. Hopefully this might be useful to someone (hey there, all you students in Oakland with fancy bikes locked up with pencil-thin cable locks, here’s your chance).

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