How not to respond to road rage, apparently

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I dunno, no different in my book than the number of times I get honked at or honk in kind to another driver.

I tend not to get irritated at the cyclists even when they do something stupid when I am driving, unless someone darted through a red light in front of me or something which I can’t really remember happening.

I get jacked at drivers for pretty much nothing from time to time as well LOL.

Its just the world we live in now.

I like to tell people that I cannot imagine back in the day Ben Franklin and George Washington riding their buggys down Duke of Gloucester St. in Williamsburg sticking up the bird yelling “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!” to everyone in their path as they passed each other LOL…

But shit… I don’t even think I’ve driven anywhere or been in a car with someone who didn’t do that at some point LOL.

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