How not to respond to road rage, apparently

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at least he didn’t threaten or try to kill you

that occurred to me too yesterday, mark. a huge difference between bikers getting pissed off at cars and cars getting pissed off at bikes and cars and people, is that when cars get pissed off, it is not usually because their lives are literally at stake. when bikers get pissed off though, it’s usually because they had perceived some sort of threat, real or imagined, and they reply to that rather than simply to an sense of violated entitlement at being inconvenienced for 34 seconds. am i wrong?

also jim. i’ve had people in big cars rev their engines trying to pass me. sometimes i realize that it’s because they are trying to pass me as fast as possible to make us both safer, and sometimes it’s obviously that they want to show how large their penis, i mean motor, is. a lot of times it is hard to tell the difference. a lot of times it is unsettling either way. perhaps your cyclist was not a nice person, or perhaps you scared him.

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