How not to respond to road rage, apparently

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I got my truck so that I can put plywood sheets in the back, not to beat my chest or anything. It just annoyed me as I was actually across the yellow line when I passed him. It’s not like I passed him with my mirror 1 foot from his head.

But whatever, I’m over it.

There does seem to be a bit of a double standard though.

Drivers do not like bikers on the streets because they are slow and viewed as dangerous. This is NOT okay to bikers.

Bikers do not like riding on sidewalks because pedestrians are slow and viewed as dangerous. Thia IS okay to bikers.

Drivers on a cellphone is NOT okay.
Bikers on a cell phone IS okay.


Honeslty, I have more problems with Prius driving at 5 miles an hour over the last few months than I have had with bikers EVER… but it is just funny seeing people views of things when their own bias come into play.

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