How not to respond to road rage, apparently

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I went ridng a couole nights ago and was alone, without any mp3 player.

I noticed that just about one in 5 drivers would yell something out the window at me. I guess I was paying more attention than usual.

I would say that I heard…

“Get your f-ing ass off the road!” or “You aren’t supposed to ride on the road!!!” or “F YOU!!!!” at least 20 times in my ride. Probably more.

There are so many drivers who actually believe that bicycling on the road is illegal it cracks me up. Nobody threw anything at me that night or tried to swerve into me though.

I did have a bus driver get pissed off when I passed him going uphill on Penn Ave. He tried to force me into the parked cars when he caught back up to me, but what’s new there?

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