How NOT to ride your bike

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Yeah I think the stress is more on how badass these messengers are…

It’s cool to be safe, for sure, but there’s also something to be said for being able to ride like that. Of course, you have much higher hospital bills going that way…

But that brings up a good point, yielding to pedestrians. I don’t know the real rules, but as an avid walker and biker who also once owned a car, I’ve always had this logic:

Peds yeild to bikes. Bikes are harder to get going again than your feet.

Cars yeild to bikes. Again, bikes are harder to get going than cars.

Peds yeild to cars. I know this is officially the opposite of the law, but if it’s down to one car, one ped, then the car can go and get out of the way faster than the person.

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