Im willing to be that the casino sucks!

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I’m with Steevo. And like Steevo, I’m willing to put money on the line that the casino will in fact suck. We will win on his good idea for a wager.

Here’s the deal; we’re putting it all on the line, right Steevo? This includes our palatial mansions located just off “The Ave” in the Greater Bloomlarryland planned community, located just minutes from Cranberry for an easy commute. I’ll personally sweeten the deal with a sure-to-be-classic imported automobile that just needs some light restoration work to return to showroom condition.

You: Throw down $100.

We’re the judge on if the casino sucks. Erok is the tie breaking vote in the event of a split decision where one of us falls in love with a loose slot. We’ll even leave the bike trail out of it, ’cause we don’t want you to think we’re biased.

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