Im willing to be that the casino sucks!

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I haven’t written to the city yet but someone else did and received the reply:

“. . . The conditions of approval did not include the trail. This was to be addressed in the construction management plan. But as you may have heard or read from news reports, there will be a continuation of the trail on the casino property. . . “

So, the City approved the project without knowing what the construction plans actually were. It’s the same way that everyone was surprised by the parking garage when those designs were finally revealed. And now that the casino has the green light, the likelihood that they will be convinced to re-open the trail during construction is pretty much zero.

The only good news is the confirmation that the trail will exist when the construction is done.

In the meantime, it’s probably up to us to figure out a way around it. I don’t expect the city to step up and the casino almost certainly won’t.

I broke my hand earlier this month so I haven’t been riding, otherwise I might have ridden over there and tried a few routes. Using Google Maps and traveling legally, it looks like a 1.5 mile on road route between Heinz Field and N. Franklin. Cutting through parking lots and riding on sidewalks could shorten that.

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