Im willing to be that the casino sucks!

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There’s no real ranking for cities. Just what appears in Bicycling magazine and they don’t rank every major city. They just highlight the best ones. Pittsburgh’s really not that bad for cycling. We have a great start on an extensive trail system, we’re in the top 17 cities percentage-wise for bicycle commuting, the city just committed to hiring a full-time bike/ped coordinator, there’s a brand new map for the city, there’s an active bike advocacy organization and we’re starting to make real headway. We’re going to start working with the Mayor’s office and the new bike/ped person when they are hired to try to get Pittsburgh designated by LAB as a Bicycle-friendly Community. If the city wants this designation (rated bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) then they will have to devote more resources to cycling than they currently are.

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