jail trail to panther hollow

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i’ve been taking the hot metal pedestrian bridge every time i bike to the south side since it opened (it’s awesome!). to get there i take the panther hollow trail. that trail is pretty good, until i get to the end of it. there doesn’t exist a very safe or convenient connector between the two bike trails.

biking on second ave is fine when going toward the south side, but can be a real headache when going toward oakland. the “offical” connector on the buffered sidewalk i have never ridden, because it looks really unsafe. there are sharp and narrow 90 degree turns on it. i don’t want to get into a bike on bike accident.

i was wondering if there is any push to build a railroad crossing. that appears to me to be the only real barrier between the end of the jail trail and the panther hollow trail. this would make a very direct and safe connection. i’d imagine it would probably be really hard to persuade CSX or whoever owns the right of way there to allow such a thing, however. but there already exists a maintenance ramp up to the grade from the panther hollow before the intersection with greenfield ave. if this could be paved then a railroad crossing installed and then its just a matter of biking across the parking lot to get to the jail trail.

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