Junction Hollow, not Panther Hollow

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Jake M

I notice that alot of people seem to mention Panther Hollow when referring to the paved trail leading from Boundary St past the athletic fields toward the Eliza Furnace Trail. Not to be too much of a geography snob, but this trail is actually called the Junction Hollow Trail.

Panther Hollow is the portion of Schenley Park that includes the lake and the stream valley that heads southeast towards Bartlett and Squirrel Hill. Within Panther Hollow are the Upper Panther Hollow Trail, the Lower Panther Hollow Trail, and the Panther Hollow Run Trail. So keeping all of this in mind, it’s kind of confusing when the Junction Hollow Trail is referred to as the Panther Hollow Trail.

I realize that it’s pretty engrained in the culture to call the JHT the PHT (there’s even that bar called the Panther Hollow Inn just above Junction Hollow on Forbes), but I think we should all make a conscious effort to refer to them by their proper names. If we as the core group of cyclists refer to it as such, hopefully it will catch on and Junction Hollow will get it’s due credit with folks in the future.

And if I am being a geography snob, check out what these people have to say about it, since they probably have more cred than me.

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