Man dies doing alleycat.

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Thanks for that clarification, Dan.

I’m with Steevo, especially as someone who has organized several races. I literally lost some sleep thinking about “what if someone gets the chop?” No thanks. Of course, that’s a concern on any organized ride, but when you put on a race, you’re telling people to ride around as fast as they can/dare, and if it’s not on a closed course, you’re inviting people to act dangerously.

(Of course, it can be argued that, hey, isn’t that what a UCI downhill race does? I mean, flying down a mountain at 50mph, jumping rocks, etc? Sure, but there isn’t an element of random danger, like an SUV on the race course. If someone crashes and dies, well, that’s on him/her (and, of course, the family), but that was very much a personal matter. The organizer has done what they can to minimize danger.)

As far organizers laying out the risks…I think most probably do, but those who are gunning for the win are likely going to run red lights anyway.

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