Man dies doing alleycat.

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If you want to only test speed, why not just race on the road? Do some time trials.

Ted, I think that you would be hard pressed to name 2 others that have died in road or track races. On top of that, if he hadnt died, he had insurance as provided by the federation for medical stuff.

ken – His is different because there are two people sitting somewhere right now with a lot on their minds.
One is an SUV driver who was obeying the law and watched somebody die.
One is a race promoter, who forever has on hisher conscience that somebody died for the reload bag or whatever that was advertised.
Its different, organized death vs. random death.
And I dont think cyclists “run redlights and die all the time” not sure if that was a conjuction or two different thoughts. they do run red lights all the time and they do get hit all the time and as sad as it is, occasionally do die.
There is just no reason to organize something that almost promotes making the chances of it all go up.

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