Missed connection for a bike hero

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Has one of you guys been coddling an inattentive driver?



thanks to guy on his bike – w4m – 29 (Pittsburgh St., Uniontown)
I don’t know where to start, except to say thank you. I was so shocked by what happened that I forgot your name. The EMT said your name is Rich, but said he couldn’t reveal your last name. I vaguely remember telling you to watch this site before I was loaded into the ambulance. I hope you see this.

I fell asleep driving, went off the road and into the ditch. You were nearing the end of an exercise ride on your bike with plans to stop off somewhere, J Paul’s I think or someplace downtown, for a beer but saw me wreck. I can’t thank you enough for stopping, getting me out of my car, calming me down, waving down the passing police car, and then calling my Mom for me. My car is pretty much damaged on the front, and I’m OK except for a broken ankle, bumps, and bruises.

I plan to get the accident report to hopefully learn your name so that I can thank you in person. I’ll buy you the beer you probably missed out on by taking the time to help me. You’re awfully sweet, comforting, and reassuring by holding my hand until the ambulance arrived. Thank you so very, very much.



You guys could take a nap together

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