Municipal vehicle 44 drives fast through Panther hollow trail

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I happened to leave for work about a half hour late this morning. As I was passing through the little Italyish part before taking the Panther hollow trail toward saline, a small white pick up truck number 44 flew past me and continued into the trail, going probably 35+mph. This was around 5:45am. I happened to see this same truck sitting at the corner across from Big Jim’s, and he was picking up someone with a lunch box. He then went about 45 down saline and onto second ave. no flashing light. No emergency. Just a dick using the trail to get from the CMU area to wherever he was going. There was a phone number on the side of the truck. I didn’t catch it nor the dept name, but it had some sort of pastel colored decorative line across the top above the text. Be careful.


I’ve had some very close calls on that trail with some of the city trucks as well. Some of them drive on the trail at high speed, and worse, don’t yield to trail users. I’ve had to ride off the trail into the grass to avoid these guys.

In the winter, you can see how many 4-wheeled vehicles drive on the trail every morning by the tracks in the snow.

This morning, I noticed that the trail is starting to sag due to the weight of the vehicles. There’s a nice high spot down the center of the trail, and two sagging regions right where the truck tires ride.

The gates really need to be locked, before the trail surface is ruined…it was never designed for this amount of vehicular traffic.

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