my other bike is a port authority bus

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Before they start selling stickers, they should make sure that the buses actually have the fucking racks. How hard is this? You can print the damn cards that list the routes, but you can’t actually run the buses with the racks on those routes?

Rack and Roll is fucking useless. You can’t depend on it at all.

Alright, simma dahn nah. We feel your frustration, but I just had a meeting with the Port Authority and they’re still committed to the program. It turns out it’s actually quite difficult, logistically, to keep racks on the designated routes, but they’re going to try to fix it.

This is due primarily to the fact that the entire fleet is not yet outfitted with racks. With the latest bus purchase of 100 new buses with racks (which will all be in the system by 2009) and retiring 100 old ones without racks, we’re getting closer. Bike Pittsburgh is going to work with Port Authority to go after federal funding to outfit more buses in coming years. Federal funding for racks are only available every 2 or 3 years so it may be a couple of years, but this will be a big push for us.

As far as the logistics of keeping designated rack routes consistent — what ends up happening, esp during peak bus periods, is that a non-rack bus (say, the 91S) might be transferred over by a computer to become a 54C which is supposed to have a rack on it.

The Port Authority is going to study which routes typically go from a non-rack route to a rack route and look into ways to fix that. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime things are looking up and will hopefully become more reliable in the next year.

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