my other bike is a port authority bus

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Scott, I appreciate that you’re working to fix this – but my point remains:

PAT didn’t spend the money to outfit all their buses, so they say they’ll run them on certain routes.

They do a piss-poor job of running them on those routes, but continue to promote the program all the time.

It not during “peak” times that it bothers me when one bus doesn’t have a rack. During peak times, there will be another one soon enough. Its off peak, when there won’t be another bus for 40 min that it’s a problem.

If you’re taking public transit to, you know, get somewhere at a certain time and a bus that’s supposed to have a rack but doesn’t, and there’s not another for half an hour, well, by the criteria I use to judge a public transit mode, that’s pretty fucking useless. Because, again, when you’re using public transit, you’re not out for a joy ride, you’re trying to get somewhere at a certain time. If you can’t do that, then you can’t use that mode. If you can’t use it, then it is, you know, useless.

So, take this as feedback to PAT: from the perspective of someone who wants to love public transit, from someone who has no car but nonetheless would, on occasion, like to be somewhere at a specific time; if you say that you can take your bike on a specific bus, then, please, let people take their bikes on the fucking bus. If you can’t manage to put the right buses on the right routes, then (off-peak) let us take our bikes in the unused back door. Or something. Because, yes, in response to the surprised driver of a 7:45pm 500, people do ride their bikes in the winter.

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