No overhead lane markers on General Robinson

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They have been out for about a week. Since there actually are yellow dotted lines to divide it into two lanes of traffic each direction, people have been adhering to that. However, this morning I was at the red light on general Robinson at Federal Street in the left travel lane, signaling that I was going to make a left onto federal. There was a car behind me and a car in the right hand travel lane, both also stopped at the red light. A taxi decided to pull up on my left and use opposing traffic lane as his lane. I sad fuck it and made my turn left on red when it was clear. I didn’t want to deal with that shit. But be careful of assholes and dumb people. I 311ed it. Kind of strange that it isn’t working, since there was a Pirates game at home yesterday.

Ps the sidewalk is open on federal street at LaCock and passable by bike

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