Nov.1 2015. Sun 5pm Día de Muertos Ride

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Facebook link:

412Flock is offering a new spin on cycling building on the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos.

5pm, Sunday Nov.1, starts at Dippy.



412 Flock announces a special “Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos” Ride to be held in the Mexican tradition of honoring & celebrating the departed to help their spiritual journey home.

NOTE: This is NOT a Halloween ride. You can learn more about the differences here:


412 Flock! is a welcoming, family-friendly, all-inclusive, FREE event consisting of a leisurely-paced bicycle ride complete [usually] with music and mechanical support and a post-ride party.

The group pedals through the city at a slow, welcoming pace appropriate for riders of all ages and capabilities. You get a chance to make new friends, learn new routes, and have fun on your bike!


We’ll meet at Dippy the Dinosaur (Forbes Ave at Schenley Drive in Oakland, in front of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, across from the Cathedral of Learning).


Sunday, November 1. We’ll meet at 5pm and leave at 5:30pm.

— What’s the route / Where does the ride end? / How long is the ride? —

Details are still being worked out, but we’ll end back at Dippy/Susan Hicks’s ghost bike installation by the Museum. Her untimely dead this past friday hit too close to home for us, so with much respect we will wish her well in the afterlike by building her a small “Mexican style altar/offering” with candles, marigolds (traditional Mexican flower for this tradition), and maybe a traditional sugar-skull, oranges, and Mexican cut-out paper.

Unlike the “Ride of Silence”, this is a less-somber ride to honor the departed’s memory, as-if to invite them on a joyous bike-ride in the afterlife.

More details to come…

–What should I bring?–

Helmets. Lights. A bike to put those lights on. (Uni and tricycles welcome, too!). And all your friends!

**Participants are also invited to decorate their bikes with lights and flowers. Also, people may bring candles and flowers for Suzan’s memorial if-desired.

–What happens in the case of rain/snow/zombie apocalypse?–

On the afternoon of the ride, we’ll decide whether conditions are safe enough to ride. Look for updates here, on Twitter, and on our website a couple of hours before the start of the ride if things are looking sketchy.

buffalo buffalo

[bump – this is this Sunday!]

a couple details have changed. see the facebook event for full information:

the route will be a bit over 7 miles long, meeting at Dippy and rolling through Squirrel Hill and past Homewood, Smithfield, Allegheny, and Saint Mary Cemeteries before ending at the large Day of the Dead themed mural at New Amsterdam, on Butler at 45th:


today at Dippy, 5pm, ends at New Amsterdamn.


A belated thanks – great ride!
Good mood, good music, good weather!



lighting candles at Susan Hicks’ ghost bike


Beautiful pictures Paul! :D



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