Oakland/Bloomfield to Noblestown

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Aaron S

I think 60 is closed right now(someone please correct me if I’m mistaken) and the Circle is uglier than usual, so getting to Noblestown may involve some creativity.

If you don’t mind fighting the Circle during rush hour, you could take Steuben up to Crafton, then down to Noblestown via the Blue Belt. I’ve done that route…it’s not bad, once you get out of the West End.

Looking at ye olde Google maps, you could also do the climb up Mt Washington to Grandview, then pick up Shaler down to Woodville, then Greentree to Mansfield to Noblestown. Haven’t done that one myself, so take that suggestion with a large grain of salt.

Finally, for something completely different, you could head out to Corapolis, pick up the Montour Trail to Imperial, then hop down to Noblestown via 978 or any of the paralleling roads.

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