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All of us will agree that bicyclists are not the problem, but the stats and other common sense arguments made by us in the letters to the PG and the posts, won’t mean anything to many people. That’s because they don’t care about cyclists, they’re only concerned with themselves the driver.

When Ms. Hall contends that we are a hazard she means to drivers, so any arguments about who takes the brunt of the damage, who is more likely to be killed, etc. is immaterial to her and other drivers like her. Therefore we need to find some statistics or information such as # of motor vehicle accidents caused by cyclists, motor vehicle accident rates in cities as a function of cyclists, total accident rates on streets with bicycle lanes vs. those without, so and so forth.

In other words, we have to show that the presence of bicycles leads to an overall reduction, or at least not an increase, in motor vehicle accident rates not involving bicycles.

Anyone know where we can find such stats?

If not, can BikePGH obtain a grant to have such a study conducted? My thesis would be that the presence of bikes leads to better and more aware drivers leading to lower pedestrian and motor vehicle accident rates.

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