olive green fuji touring from Trader Joe’s

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repost for a super sweet guy that’s staying at my house.
this sucks.

Hi! my name’s Bill, and i’ve been on a bike tour for the last month, which
started in Canada, and was supposed to take me all the way down the east
coast. except on monday night MY BIKE WAS STOLEN!

please help! if people can keep an eye out for my bike, i’d really
appreciate it. it’s an olive green fuji touring frame, steel, with a brown
leather “brooks” saddle, brown bar tape, black tires with white walls
(27×1 1/4), silver fenders, and a rear rack. the brakes are single pivot
side pulls, and the cranks and both derailleurs are shimano 600, with
downtube friction shifters (suntour) and a water bottle cage on the
downtube. oh, and if anyone tries to pull the “this is my bike, i’ve had
it for years” thing, here’s some unique stuff about my bike that would
probably disprove any coincidence, like for instance, the non drive side
crank bolt is self extracting, while the drive side isn’t. and all the
quick release skewers and the seatpost bolt have been replaced by black
“theft resistant” (ha!) skewers that require a special tool.

the bike was stolen in East Liberty, from the parking lot of Trader Joe’s
on Penn, on monday night.
also, at the time the bike was stolen, the was a green army surplus style
saddle bag on the back rack, with a u-lock fitted to it. inside were all
my bike tools.

like i said, i travelled here from Canada, all by bike, so i’m not really
sure what i’m gonna do. but a few people have told me that Pittsburgh has
decent recovery rate, so i figured it would be worth a shot to post about


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