OT – bored tonight? Come to artisan tattoo at 6pm for a variety show!

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4th Annual Slingshot Organizer Release Party & Variety Show Tonight at 6!

Come to pick up an organizer/planner/calendar book for 2013, enjoy a variety show of music, comedy, possibly puppets and poetry readings!

There’s gonna be free food and drink!

There’ll be books to buy!

There’s some AMAZING raffle prizes!

– 5 free rentals from that bastion of cinematic culture, the Dreaming Ant

– An awesome Giftbag-O’-Stuff from Wildcard

– $10 gift certificate to the delightful (and newly renovated!) Lili Cafe

– An assortment of graphic novels from the eternally cool Copacetic Comics

– $50 certificate for the gourmet local food restaurant Legume

– Amazing printwork from the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative

– a $50 certificate for a stylish haircut at Pageboy

– $100 in Tattoo services by Jason Angst of Artisan Tattoo

– $100 in Tattoo services by Nathan Mould of Artisan Tattoo

– $25 certificate to get buzzed at Espresso A Mano

come on down!

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