Pedal For the Pantry 2

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It’s almost that time of year again.
The days grow longer,
The birds sing louder,
The trees and flowers bloom,
And the Greater Community Food Bank needs assistance.

Let’s get together and have some bikey fun while doing some good for our community.

Pedal For The Pantry 2 is a bike based food drive scavenger hunt, inspired by Cranksgiving, this event has two rides.
-The Challenge Ride is 20+ miles of “scenic pgh terrain” over a large area of the city.
-The Friendly Ride is around 8-10 miles of flatter terrain in a smaller area of the city.

We will be departing from Dippy the Dino (outside the Carnegie Library) and finishing at the Wheelmill.

Riders will be given a rough map of the area & a shopping list of items. Ride to the stores, buy the goods, head to the finish.

The event is free to enter, costs incurred will be for the food donations bought by the riders, around $15-$20.

Event date is Saturday, April 5th, registration opens at 11:30, ride starts at noon.

There will be a silent auction & 50/50 raffle at the finish to raise additional donations for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Last year we had 100 riders, won’t you help us hit 200 riders for 2014.

more info can be found at:
and on Twitter @Pedal4thePantry


Awesome – fun ride and great cause. Been waiting for this one, thanks for putting it together again.


Just asked about this pantry ride, can’t wAit ready to sign up and ride for the Food Bank!


I’m excited! And I’m doing the challenge ride, even though I’ve been utterly lame where my bike is concerned for most of the winter. Thanks for organizing this, @pbeaves!!



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