Pgh to Buffalo

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I’m thinking about biking to the Bflo NY area in early October. Western NY has its peak fall foliage around then, and it should be neither too hot nor cold, so it might be a real nice ride.

Any suggestions on routing? I figure 19 to outside Meadville, but then 19, or stay on the north-south PA 98 up to PA 5? And would you go right through Erie or try to avoid it? (I’m thinking right through.)

Parallel to the lake, I think you’d stay on PA/NY 5, avoiding the superbusy US 20. I’ve driven the trip many times. NY roads in general are a lot wider than PA roads, but 5 is nice because you’re right along the lake. Beyond Silver Creek NY there’s another option, Old Lake Shore Road, as 5 starts to get busy with suburban Bflo traffic.

Also not sure of an eventual destination. I have some family up there so would like to see them, but there are so many other scenic locations in and around the city that’d be cool to do by bike, esp. if I have some friends along.

Total trip is about 250 miles, so we’re probably holing up somewhere, too. Need sugg’s on that as well. Maybe a more fundamental question, 2 days or 3? And any preferences on how we would get back?

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