pine creek trail

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Yea, I camped. I started at the southern end and stopped at the campsite near the Boy Scout camp. It had an Adorandac style shelter (actually 2) and even though it was raining I slept in my tent because I wanted the mesh to separate me from the bugs. While I ate dinner in the shelter I shared the space with a little brown bat in the rafters. I rode to the northern end then came back a ways to camp at Tiadaghton. There were a number of other campsites along the way. A number had portajohns, some had more of a restroom setup. There was one that had big signs saying that it was a bald eagle nesting site and loud noises were prohibited. Riding by another campsite another trail user warned be that there was a bear lurking about. Since I so rarely see bears I went down to the camp but the bear had apparently moved off.

The trike wasn’t mine though I too would rather be up higher off the trail but not because of the snakes. A milk snake certainly isn’t going to bother you.

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