Pirate Bike 2008?

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I get back from Maryland and everyone’s all gung ho to help? Yay!

Anyway, appreciate the input & ideas. I think we’re probably going to go with the Pirate Bike Olympics (basically mini games, though not 2 teams) since it’s the most developed. The tentative plan is something like:

* peg-leg race
* road “team time trial” (team ride, not very far though)
* steeplechase
* Bike duathlon (biking & “shooting”–probably water balloons)
* sledge pull
* maybe some collection of decathalon events (water balloon shotput?)
* derby
* synchronized biking

I really wanted hook hand monkey bars but I don’t know where to get serious hooks. If anyone has a slaughterhouse hookup, let me know.

Casey’s making artwork and I’m about to put the rough details on the web. We’re going to try to meet Friday morning to figure out more details, if anyone wants to go call/email (dave@pghalleycat.com)/message/etc. me. Caitlin: know you’re out of town but it turns out it’s the only time Casey and I can do it this week.

Hee hee, do it.

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