Pirate Bike 2008?

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Casey and I wanted to put on the sequel to the Pirate Bike Triathlon, but she’s got to get ready for her move to Michigan in September and I’ve got a lot of Wii to play, so it would be a lot of stress for us to organize.


Is there interest in a sequel? For sure we’re not going to bother unless it sounds like a lot of people are into it.

Even if we do put it on, we’re probably going to need help. If you want to help with any organizing that’d be great. Minimally we could use some input for ideas (read on!)

We’re not going to do the raft thing like last year, since that’s a huge amount of effort to gather all the materials, cart them all around town, and then dump them at the end.

Instead we’re leaning towards either the Pirate Bike Olympics or Pirates of Industry.

The olympics would be a series of events with a main omnium prize. Some games we thought of were: pirate steeplechase, bike duathlon, hook-hand monkey bars, peg-leg 100 meter dash, pirate relay race and pirate bocce. I wan to do pirate derby, but Casey thinks small children may get run over. She worries too much.

The pirates of industry started with the idea of pittsburgh bike monopoly: ride around and collect properties. But we weren’t sure what the other events should be. I thought a life-size monopoly board would be cool, but since monopoly games last 18 hours minimum, that might be slow. Maybe re-enactment of the battle of homestead with water balloons?

Help us, please!

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