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WDUQ had an article about the official kick-off of the Pittsburgh250 “celebrations” that featured the completion of the Great Allegheny Passage prominently. When the trail is completed next year there is going to be a celebratory ride from Mt. Vernon to Pittsburgh with a special Blank-and-Gold bicycle leading the way.

So, does this mean they’ve come to an agreement to get the trail past Sandcastle? Honestly, I doubt it. There has been a lot of talk since last year about how the trail WILL be completed, and there has been steady progress on much of the trail, but I have seen zero progress in dealing with Sandcastle.

Last December, I heard a rumor that an agreement had been reached and list moderators deleted my posting when I mentioned having heard this because of the supposed delicacy of the negotiations. Nearly a full year later with county officials still saying it’s going to happen, I wonder how delicate those negotiations really are.

Does anyone know the actual reasons why Sandcastle is so reticent? I’ve heard there are liability concerns about trail users traversing Sandcastle property. I’ve heard there are concerns of riff-raff. I’ve heard that the trail will take away parking which will impact potential revenue. These are all reasons that I could IMAGINE Sandcastle having but are they the REAL reasons?

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