Placing a mirror at Swinburne/2d Ave.

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Is there any support to be had from the city for installing one of those big convex safety mirrors at the blind corner of Swinburne St. and 2d Avenue? I try to stay on the road as much as possible, but if you’re traveling behind the jersey barriers, there is very little way to know if another cyclist or walker is headed in your direction around the corner, and not everyone dismounts.

Ideally, I’d like to see three of these things – one at Swinburne/2d Ave, one at 2d Ave/Greenfield Ave (under the railroad trestle), and one at Greenfield Ave/Saline St. These are all pretty treacherous corners, given the lack of sight lines.

Next to a repaving of Neville St., these mirrors are the improvements that I’d most like to see on my daily commute.

It looks like these things can be had for a couple of hundred dollars each (go to McMaster-Carr and search for “safety mirror”).

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