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I think you will like this. So for those of you that don’t know, I’m working up at SUNY Buffalo this year, and they are having a “big” green initiative, part of which focuses on bicycling. So, they are asking for feedback from the community. I just wanted to share the email exchange that followed:

Dear XX,

It was with great pleasure that I read some of the new bike initiatives listed on the UB Parking web page! However, you should know, if you are not already aware, that the official “bike route” between South and North Campuses is dangerously close to being a liability. There are sections that are highly unsafe…

Ok, and here is the response I got:

Dear Mr Buckwalter,

Thank-you for your message and feedback. I am holding a bicycle-focused meeting next week, and we will discuss this issue, and whether we can/should modify the site to reflect “suggested route,” or something to that effect. I will provide you with an update in the coming weeks.

Thanks again.


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