proposal for strip mining in South Park, meeting 6/14

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Have you ever explored the Sleepy Hollow portion of South Park? It’s the most unspoiled part of the park, and seems to be popular with some mountain bikers.

It’s located here:

google map of Sleepy Hollow

(drive to intersection of Stoltz Rd & Sleepy Hollow Rd, follow Sleepy
Hollow Rd to its end, leave the road where it crosses to the west of the
stream, and walk/bike down the path on the east side of the stream. It’s
a very pretty, little-visited portion of the park. You can also get to it
from Brownsville Rd just off the Montour Trail.)

I got the following notice from the Sierra Club:
Coal Mining Threat to South Park?

In the westernmost section of South Park is a serene area known as Sleepy
Hollow. Apparently there is a proposal to mine this area and create level
ground for playing fields.

To inform the public on “proposed soil testing, coal removal and
recreational reuse of land in the Sleepy Hollow area of South Park” the
County is holding a public information session …….

Saturday June 14 at 10am
South Park High School Auditorium,
2005 Eagle Ridge Road,
South Park, PA 15129.

All interested in protecting natural areas open to the public are
encouraged to attend this meeting. Unfortunately, at the time of this
posting, there was no information on the County website.

An article about the proposal appeared in the Post-Gazette today:

Paul Heckbert

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